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The Villa S. Restituta farm is one of the oldest in the comunity of Montalcino. For many centuries  it's a property of the Castelli Martinozzi family as testify the chapel joined to the landlord's villa where the ancestors of different generations found their burial, the stem on the main gate and the ancient clock turret whose strikes echoed for centuries in the surrounding vally.


 The first mentionings of Villa S.Restituta go back to the XIVth century. In an ancient document from which we quote a passage here it is written:

"Among the parchments of the monastery of the Agostiniani monks of Montalcino that are now in the Arch. Dipl. Flor. there turned out to be one that dated from the 3th october of 1373 which mentioned the Villa di S.Restituta under the jurisdiction of Montalcino where Lady Piera by birth Ser Iacopo of Montalcino, the wife of Pietro by birth Benedetto de'Tolomei of Siena. Now the Villa S.Restituta is named also Martinozzi that has arisen from the name of a Siena's family which possesses an estate there."


The constructions that compose the farm have been guaranteeing from the distant past the realization of all rural and handicraft activities which made it autonomous and till the fifties in a small suburb resided the farmer, farmer's wife and other families: all in all around 50 people. Also being situated within the borders of the property they guaranteed various powers. Here the vine and the olive have always been cultivated  with much care as they supply the products of great value.

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