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The farm S.Restituta Castelli Martinozzi, "Locus Optimus" for wine.

The farm Castelli Martinozzi is situated 10 km far from Montalcino and towers over the vally of Orcia and the hills that indicate in the west the bound of the Maremma of Tuscany. Its area is of 160 hectares of which 12 hectares of vineyard alternate with 16 hectares of olive grove, wood and the sown area that has the optimal altitude from 400 to 480 m above sea level. Different factors such as the correct location of the cultivated area, the absence of fog, the presence of good ventilation create a climatic microhabitat that guarantees high quality products even in lean years.

The most ancient prize for wine Castelli Martinozzi (in the photo) was received in Siena in a provincial viticulture-wine-making contest by Cesare Francalanci Martinozzi in 1892 of which we conserve a certificate. 


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